Plurenden Farm Milk

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Supplied by Plurenden Manor Farm, near Tenterden - Some 25 Food Miles

 'We are one large family and we spend all of our time farming!  

We have been at Plurenden for over 11 years now & our girls are happy to be offering their delicious milk for delivery direct to your doorstep.

We are sure that the creamiest tastiest milk comes from happy healthy cows that are allowed to graze all summer & are fed home-grown forage through the winter.

Our whole milk is pasteurised but not homogenised so that the rich cream still rises to the top!

The farm is managed to ensure we are sustainable with the natural environment, whilst being as efficient as possible.  Our care- values includes for Cows and calves to stay together for the first few weeks, not just hours

We have strong family roots in farming & firmly believe customers should be able to connect with these green roots through the food they choose.'

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