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As 99% of our produce comes from local Kent suppliers, it is as fresh as you can get. Our veg is harvested for us on Mondays & Tuesdays and delivered to you by Friday. A short supply route means you can only get fresher by growing it yourself! 

No other veg box company offers this

2)     COST

Our boxes offer fantastic value for money. Our boxes are carefully curated each week to provide you with the best truly seasonal produce from Kent. We talk to our farmers each week, seeing what is cropping or struggling and plan accordingly. No ifs, no buts.

As our supplies lines are so short the produce has a tremendous shelf life. Our cabbages will last 2 weeks in fridge easy, unlike supermarket veg that has been traveling for a week.....

Add in Free Delivery and you will not regret what you pay

3)     TASTE

As our veg is so fresh it tastes better. That is a fact. Anyone who has grown their own knows that you cannot beat that 'just picked' taste. But there is another reason; our farmers pick the varieties they grow for taste, not for how it looks or how long it lasts. A supermarket tomato has to be round and red with no imperfections. That is because they sell to you with your eyes not your tongue. We have all had those tasteless insipid tomatoes that look good but taste of nothing. You won't get these with us.

Grown for taste & flavour.


Whilst we are not Organic, we generally use smaller growers who don't spray. Short supply lines = less emissions. Not only are you greener by buying Kent veg, you are helping the rural economy. All other veg box schemes use produce from all over Europe every week. We never Import

Local Produce = Low Food Miles = Doing your bit.


Our customer find that getting a veg box regularly makes them eat better. It is easy to get processed food that is quick and easy to do, but the price you pay is the salt and fat and sugar that come in this products. Fresh veg only has natural ingredients in it. Our customers love getting their box just before the weekend and planning their menus with the week's contents. 

We have also been told by a few customers that their kids eat our veg when they really didn't like the supermarket stuff. That has to be good doesn't it?

You can eat better and sustainably.

6)     Flexible & Personal

We are not some big company shipping tonnes of produce. we have about 8 staff and Steve & Becca in the office. 

You can manage all of your details online. Skip/amend/cancel as you see fit. You can change your dislikes as often as you like. 

No contract - you are free to start/amend/leave as you please.