We recently upgraded our website, and launched an app (search Kent Veg Box in your app store) so that you can now manage online your deliveries and holidays etc.

All these systems are new and can seem a bit clunky. As off the shelf products (we don’t have £500k for a bespoke system…) they need adapting to suit our purposes, but this will take a bit of time.

We’ve set out below how to most things but if you have any problems just email us or use the chat function on the website.




The above screen is the one you see once you get to Manage Your Box. Most option are obvious but there are 2 screens below with more detail.

Manage Subscription

When you hit the ‘Manage Subscription’ button in the menu bar in the screen above the screen below comes up.

Most of the options are obvious so you just click the appropriate > to access the function you need.

You can also add other subscription products here. If you want to add other items, such as eggs etc, please go to the shop and check out as normal. We will add to your next delivery.

If you want to skip a delivery, please see next section.


Skip one or more Items

Having hit “*** SKIP ORDERS HERE ***” in the menu bar you see the screen below.

You can see each delivery due for the next 8 weeks so you can skip any of these weeks. To skip hit the SKIP button. It will change to UNSKIP, which you click to unskip!

You need to do this for each item on that delivery day. This allows you to only skip one item if that all you don’t need rather than have to skip everything.

If you do want to skip everything the make sure each item on that delivery day reads UNSKIP, i.e. it has been skipped.

Don’t worry too much though. You do get an email early Saturday saying what you will be charged for next day. If you get an email you’ve not skipped those items!  You can go in and still do so though until Midnight Saturday.


On your mobile, via your browser, you’ll see the screen below once you get to ‘Manage Your Box’

All of the functions are the same as above, just in a different layout to suit your mobile. You can scroll down to see these

In order to access the menu bar for other options you need to click the “SUBSCRIPTIONS V” in the menu bar as highlighted above.

Once you do that you’ll see a drop down menu as below.



 As you can see this shows all the same menu you options with the same options as for the laptop version above. 


Whilst the app is great for quick ordering, its account management is basic. We really recommend making account changes via the browser based options above.

If you click on ‘Manage Your Box’, then ‘My subscriptions’ and click on an active subscription you get the screen below.


If you click the various fields on this page you get various options to change your subscription or details.

If you want to skip then click ‘ … ‘ indicated and you will have the option to skip just your next delivery ONLY. Click again to UNSKIP.

As above you’ll need to do this for every subscription you have but again it is for your next delivery ONLY

There is a bug (currently with support) in the app so you might see a funny next order date if you skip.

Please let us know if you see it. 


Any issues please get in touch. Have a go though! If it looks odd let us know and we will bail you out!