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Meat, Game & Fish

A range of meat, game & fish products from Park Farm Hawkhurst, Stour Valley Game near Chilham & Dungeness Fish.

Look out for specialist meat too!

Meat is Free Range/Wild and will likely be shipped frozen. Use by dates on the produce are for when the produce is fresh.  All of our produce is frozen on or before the use by date with a BBE of 6 months from freeze dates

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42 products


Our Produce
Local Producer
Our Produce
Local Producer
Sold outSave £15.00Free Range Kentish Duck - NEW!
Longland Farm
Free Range Kentish Duck - NEW! Sale price£30.00 Regular price£45.00
Local Fish Pie Mix 500g
Sold outLocal Cod Fish Cakes x4
Local Smoked Haddock & Mozzarella  Fish Cakes x2
Local Smoked Cod, Bacon & Brie  Fish Cakes x2
Starting Meat Box
Park Farm
Starting Meat Box Sale price£24.00
Save £4.10Chicken Box
Bank Farm
Chicken Box Sale price£37.50 Regular price£41.60
Basics Meat Box
Wasted Kitchen Ready Meals
BBQ Meat Box
Chicken Thighs x 4
Bank Farm
Chicken Thighs x 4 Sale price£6.30
Chicken Breast x 2
Bank Farm
Chicken Breast x 2 Sale price£9.50
Chicken Drums x 4
Bank Farm
Chicken Drums x 4 Sale price£5.00
Whole Chicken 1.8KG
Bank Farm
Whole Chicken 1.8KG Sale price£18.50
Sausages, 500G
Park Farm
Sausages, 500G Sale price£6.60
Chipolatas - 500g
Park Farm
Chipolatas - 500g Sale price£6.70
Dry Cure Streaky Bacon 200g
Dry Cure Back Bacon 200g
Park Farm
Dry Cure Back Bacon 200g Sale priceFrom £4.80
Pork Belly Strips 500g
Pork Chops x 2
Park Farm
Pork Chops x 2 Sale price£8.25
Pork Shoulder Joint 1 KG
Pork Belly Joint 1 KG
Pork Leg Joint 1 KG
Park Farm
Pork Leg Joint 1 KG Sale price£12.10
Beef Mince, Min 450g
Beef Braising Steak, 500G
Beef Burgers x 4
Park Farm
Beef Burgers x 4 Sale price£7.40
Beef Brisket 1kg
Park Farm
Beef Brisket 1kg Sale price£14.60
Beef Topside1kg
Park Farm
Beef Topside1kg Sale price£17.50
Beef Short Ribs 1kg
Park Farm
Beef Short Ribs 1kg Sale price£14.60
Lamb Leg Steaks 500g
Lamb Barnsley Chops 500g
Leg of Lamb 1KG
Park Farm
Leg of Lamb 1KG Sale price£24.50
Lamb Shoulder 1/2
Park Farm
Lamb Shoulder 1/2 Sale price£19.30
Park Farm
lamb shanks Sale price£8.50
Game Sausages, Min 450g
Venison - Diced 500g
Sold outVenison - Minced 500g
Venison Burgers x 4
Venison Steaks 400g
Mixed Game - Diced 500g
Diced Chicken 500g
Bank Farm
Diced Chicken 500g Sale price£7.50
Beef Skirt , 500G
Park Farm
Beef Skirt , 500G Sale price£7.70