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 KENT VEG BOX BEER CLUB - May 22 No Frills Joe


So who the heck is Joe, you ask?

Joe is a brewer. A brewer dedicated to hand crafting big and bold beer of top quality. Honest, unfiltered, unpasteurised and unfined. Naturally cloudy, as pure as it can possibly be. No frills. No fluff. No pink bunnies. Just good beer.

We at Kent Veg Box are super excited to bring you No Frills Joe. You may notice that they use smaller cans than we normally try to bring you. This is due to the quality of ingredients, and we are excited for you to try some of the best, freshest beer in the country.

Strap in for a bumper box this month.

Taster Box

Earnest Joe – 4.5%

Style: Pale Ale // 330ml

Light and fruity pale ale that is brewed with locally grown Ernest hop (Hukins Hops, Kent) and British malt. Showcasing just one, locally grown hop. A real treat.

Not Another Lager – 4.8%

Style: Lager // 330ml
This is an everyday lager. It will deliver plenty of malty, grainy-sweet, spicy, herbal aromas and a soft, rounded drinking experience. 

Joker Joe – 5%

Style:  Pale Ale // 330ml
A pale ales brewed with British hop — Jester. This is a cross between UK and US hops and the result is exactly that. It delivers fruity/floral aromas mixed with herbal earthiness so typical in many British hops, hint of grapefruit zest.


Session Box

(contains all the beers in the taster box, plus below)


Jam Sandwich – 7.5%

Style: DIPA // 330ml
Jam Sandwich qualifies as a substantial meal, for sure. It's deceivingly mild and pleasant aroma invites you to take a big gulp and then it hits you like a train! It's thick and juicy, underlined with some serious bitterness that kicks in at the right time to make everything better.


Farmhouse – 6%

Style:  Saison // 330ml

Farmhouse ale of Belgian origin. It was originally brewed during colder months of the year to be enjoyed after a long, hot summer day's work. It's a refreshing, spicy, peppery and fruity ale with hints of lemon/orange and a tart, dry finish.

Joe Solo – 4.8%

Style: Pale Ale // 330ml
Joe Solo is a stronger, fuller pale ale brewed with an American hop — Simcoe.


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