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Article: Where Are Those Spring Crops!

Where Are Those Spring Crops!

Where Are Those Spring Crops!

I don't know about you, but after the Easter chocolate frenzy I'm ready for to munch down on some good old veg. Clean the systems and lose that bloated, tired feeling you get from too much sugar.

April is a month of transition in the Kent Veg world. Glacial at times it seems as we eagerly await for the new season crops whilst, to be honest, thankfully saying goodbye to the fading Winter roots & brassicas. We love them, but their time is over.  

First through the door, sorry box, is the delightful, delicate Wild Garlic. Such a fresh, vibrant green, the perfect leaves and delicate white flowers leaves easily release their delicate aroma. You do not have to ask if garlic leaves are in the house.

It leads the burst of new growth, followed shortly by Purple Broc, Spinach and Spring Greens. All new, all vibrant and all a welcome replacement for bruiser Carrots & Parsnips.

Then the Royalty arrives - Asparagus

Very expensive, but we source our from Mr (Peter) Tickle in Cliffe. Fresh as it gets, we buy ungraded off Peter. This means we take everything. One reason Asparagus is so expensive is the rejection (by you know who) of curved, thin, thick, short, long or discoloured stems. Huge waste (Angry Face)

Us? Well if it's grown in Kent and cropped on Tuesday we will pile in on your behalf! And we save about 1/3 of the normal price...

Later in April, perhaps early May if it doesn't stay warm, we will get Spring Onions, Broad Beans and maybe some early salads. More of those next time.  

What about Kent Fruit Steve?

Well...the Rhubarb is already here (new growth again) so the waiting game begins for Strawberries & Raspberries. Grown in full polytunnels by the wonderful Hugh Lowe Farms, their exact date of arrival is so dependent on warmth.

In 2022 Strawberries arrived in week 2 of April. In 2023 it was week 4. The difference? Exactly what happened to your heating bills...a big explosion in cost meant it was uneconomic to accelerate the growth but heating. Such are the margins of fruit farming. 

So...we await news. If I had to guess I'd say late April. Bills are still heavy and it is not unseasonably warm. 

Keep an eye out on our social feeds for more info and recipes.

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