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Article: Help Us Reduce Sea Miles - Dungeness Fish Boxes

Help Us Reduce Sea Miles - Dungeness Fish Boxes
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Help Us Reduce Sea Miles - Dungeness Fish Boxes

That's right, we are on a mission to reduce Sea Miles, the distance travelled by fish from their point of capture to the shores of the country of sale.

We have all seen stories of so-called 'Super-Trawlers' that hoover up, process and freeze thousands of tonnes of fish using nets over a miles long.

They are indiscriminate, catching dolphins and other cetaceans, and seriously damage the fish stocks available to local boats who use sustainable practices.

This is why supermarket fish is cheap. 

So why is our Fish Box different?

We source off of our fish through Mark at Dungeness FishMark sources our fish from local boats operating from Rye and other South Coast ports. Indeed one of the boats (see pic) is operated by Mark's cousin Paul.

These boats - as you can see, are small inshore boats who fish sustainably and land the catch fresh and prepared. 

They use smaller nets (see pic) and can return fish that are undersize or not needed. 

We do not know what is going to be in our boxes each month as it is still swimming 24 hours before we pick it up from Mark. We take whatever the boat lands.

The fish delivered to you is truly fresh, so you can freeze if need be.

We are reducing Sea Miles, using a sustainable product, sourced locally via a food chain that is so short it enables fresh fish landed Tuesday to be in our customer's fridges by Friday.

So add a monthly fish box to your subscriptions - click the boat or the bass to order

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