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Article: Meet The Producers - Hinxden Farm Dairy

Meet The Producers - Hinxden Farm Dairy

Meet The Producers - Hinxden Farm Dairy


Hinxden Farm Dairy begun from humble beginnings in 1930 with just 6 cows. Gradually over time, the dairy continued to grow and today the business currently has 250 cows with 7 delivery vans on the road.

The focus for Hinxden is the cows. They believe that happy, healthy and content cows produce better milk. Cow welfare, therefore, sits atop the list of priorities and gives customers confidence knowing that their milk is traceable, safe and farmed with care.

Hinxden have bred generations of pedigree Guernsey and Holstein cattle; each one has its own name and passport.The cows are milked twice a day, 4.30am and 3pm. In winter, cows prefer to be indoors, sleeping in large dry straw barns and eating home grown grass and maize silage as part of a Total Mixed Ration, carefully balanced to contain all the vitamins and minerals for complete cow health. In spring, summer and autumn, the cows enjoy playing and grazing in the farm’s lush pastures.

The Guernsey cows love sun-bathing while the Holsteins are often to be found in the shade provided by the ancient trees and hedgerows that surround each field.


Each cow has a two month holiday from milking every year before they are due to calve with their next calf. This is called their dry period. This dry period is for the cows to enjoy eating, drinking and relaxing. 

At Kent Veg Box, we stock a full range of Hinxden’s wonderful products for delivery alongside veg and fruit boxes. The cowslip butter is a HQ favourite, with packers often sneaking into the office during breaks to lash mountains of it on slices of toast.

Click the cows to see the full range of dairy we have for delivery alongside our fruit and veg boxes!




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