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Article: 5 Ways to Eat Sustainably & Save Money

5 Ways to Eat Sustainably & Save Money

5 Ways to Eat Sustainably & Save Money


News reports of record inflation and the 30 year highs in the cost of living quite rightly have some people worried.

Times are indeed tough, but at Kent Veg Box we want to help. By switching to a local veg supplier, you could help save you and your family some money.

Here’s how:

1.Shelf Life:

39% of household food waste is from fruit & vegetables.

Our vegetables are cropped from the ground at various Kent Farms every Monday and Tuesday morning before we pick up. These vegetables are with you by the end of the week (If you’re London based, more than likely the next day!)

You’ll be shocked to learn how long your vegetables can truly last when you buy fresh!


We only source vegetables direct from Kent farms. We cut out the middle man, so we can pay the farm a fair price for produce and still save the customer money. A true win, win.

3.Eating Seasonally

As we only buy in from Kent farms, our prices don’t have to change, only the vegetables you receive. We, unlike supermarkets, won’t pay expensive transport and storage costs of globally shipped vegetables and your boxes will look different based on the season.

4. No Tempting Shopping Trips

We’ve all been there, nipping to the supermarket for something and coming back with all manner of extras not accounted for, or in fact needed. We deliver to you a wholesome, nutritious box of goodies every week that can be easily budgeted for as a weekly charge. You’ll know exactly how much we are charging. You can also, pause, skip or cancel a box at any time.  

5. Cooking & Eating More Vegetables

Cooking more vegetables, whilst having a great impact on your health, can also save money by eating greater proportion of them compared to other, more costly products like meat and dairy. Adding more vegetables to your normal go-to meals may help them stretch further! Maybe lunch at the desk instead of the costly trips to the coffee shop?


Ready to take the plunge? Get 35% off your first veg/fruit box by clicking the pic above. Eat Sustainably & Save Money


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