Thanks For Placing an Order!

Welcome to the Other Side

You've made the leap..

Hello and boy are we glad to see you! You see there is now one more of us (local veg eaters) and one less of them (supermarket robots) so be happy. 

Your first box will be on its way to you now,  but don't worry it is all going to be ok!

Steve has written a blog post about getting your 1st box - click here


Ok, When Will it come? What Happens Next?

Your delivery will arrive on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Generally we deliver as follows: 

Weds - North/East London, East Kent.

Thurs - All of South London. West London. 

Fri - Maidstone & Medway, West Kent. 

You do not have to be in to take delivery, we can leave it tucked away somewhere. The chilled items come in a returnable cool box.

If you would like a more definite answer on delivery dates please email us. 

After your first delivery we will email you to see how you have got on, and if you want to make any changes to your order going forward. You'll be able to change your order if you find you have too much/too little or want to try something different; you can also let us know if you want to stop deliveries then. It is important you let us know then if you wish to stop/change as the order you have placed will continue if you do not reply.

We will charge your card weekly for deliveries then, but you are not under any contract and can leave at any time.

Please check your email/spam box for our follow up email. It is sent on Friday afternoons and details how the scheme works going forward and your options. If we do not hear from you otherwise your deliveries will continue on weekly basis.

 For more information on how our charging works please look at our FAQ's

My God What is That??

Looks good but what do I do with it?
So you have got your new box  and you are thinking HELPPPPPP, what do I do with all this veg?

More importantly what the hell is that? Looks like a pumpkin but I know it isn't...(if it is grey it is a crown prince squash). Well the first thing is to remember you are not alone. Others have trod this daunting path before you and have emerged the other side feeling better and slightly smug that they are veg savvy. It is a good thing. Be proud. Becca has saved many a boring night down the pub displaying her knowledge of the squash world.

We publish the contents of the boxes every week, use the tab above. You can then go all Sherlock Holmes and work out what's what. If you're more Dr Watson though, drop us an email and we'll help you out. 


I'll never use all of it?

I got a huge bunch of kale, I'll have to throw some of it away! 
Nooooooo! We know you'll not eat all of something like the huge kale in a week or two; you'll be kaled out. With our recipe index - see below - we try and suggest some ways to use your veg in different ways.

We also recommend building up a veg reservoir in your freezer. Just about all of the veg freezes well cooked, and provides you with some emergency supplies of different veg when they have gone out of season. How about trying those leaf veg as pesto sauces, root veg as different mashes or squash as a pudding? 


We have a Friday night veg cook-a-thon. We cook up our veg for the weekend, and put any excess in the freezer for later. This can be ready roasted, as soups or even cut up raw etc. An excellent way to get full value from those large veg. You can also then have different veg out of season. We are still enjoying squash 3 months after they have finished.


Batch cooking the veg, just like a restaurant, is a great idea; you only have to get the pans out once! It just means you can heat through during the busy week days rather than cooking your 5th load of parsnips that week. Freezing cooked veg as well saves time, and lots of veg can be cooked from frozen. They will taste a lot better than that Field Fare rubbish you can get in farm shops..... 


Stuck for an idea?

We have a recipe store for our veg on Pinterest. There are hundreds of recipes on the boards, and we add new ones every week. You will get inspiration there for sure.There is a board there for this week's box contents, and we try and put several recipes up for each veg type. Previous weeks' recipes are then added to the other boards.

We try and find some more more unusual recipes as well; beetroot in cakes, squash as bacon, etc etc. All helping you use your box up.