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Wasted Kitchen Ready Meals


Another meal deal for lunch at work? We both know that chicken triple sandwich isn’t as appealing for the third day in a row.

Don’t fear, a much tastier, and more nutritious solution is within arm’s reach, and delivered with your weekly Veg box.

We  have partnered with our friends at Wasted Kitchen to provide a new range of frozen ready meals to elevate that sad office lunch, or provide a quick dinner option when cooking seems too much to bear.

Using our produce, and their know how we have some wonderful, flavourful and nutritious ready meals.

"At Wasted Kitchen we make delicious food that reduces food waste and leads with local - and help others do the same.

We work closely with local producers to source seasonal and local ingredients- especially surplus and gluts - to use in our kitchen. Proactively getting food back into the cycle and cutting food miles.

Our core products are fresh food, freezer meals, pickles and ferments."

The contents of all our meals come from these Kent producers:

 Trevor Bradley - 39 Food Miles

CJ Bean - 42 Food Miles

Ovendens - 43 Food Miles

Thanet Earth - 41 Food Miles

Walmestone Growers - 39 Food Miles

Park Farm - 17 Food Miles

Cheesemakers of Canterbury - 22 Food Miles

Kingcott Dairy - 12 Food Miles


Produce is frozen, approx 350g meal for 1

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