North Charcuterie - Salami Sticks

North Charcuterie - Salami Sticks

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North Charcuterie is an owner operated Charcuterie producer working from a newly fitted out production unit in the heart of the Kent countryside.

 They use only high welfare rare breed British pork to make a range of Spanish and unique British style products.

Birch & Black Pepper Stick Salami

A unique salami made using British rare breed pork, British birch syrup and a special black pepper blend. The pork is complemented by both sweet and savoury notes in the birch and is combined with a rounded balanced peppery note. A 75g stick salami.

Fennel Salami Stick

A fennel salami made to a traditional recipe. The flavour profile includes a prominent note of both whole and ground fennel seed alongside organic whole black pepper. Available in a 75g salami stick.

Salchichon stick

Classic Spanish version of the pork and black pepper salami with a subtle hint of garlic and nutmeg. Available as a 75g salami stick.

El Xolis

A traditional regional Spanish salami from North Western Catalonia. A refined pork based salami spiced with ground and whole black pepper and traditionally made in a pressed oval shape. Available as a 75g stick salami.

Longaniza Imperial

A more refined version of a salchichon. A regional Spanish pork based salami with hints of white pepper and nutmeg. Available as a 75g stick salami for slicing at the table.

Salami Español

Traditional Spanish salami with a deep colour and fermented flavour. The salami is spiced with pepper, garlic and oregano. Available as a 75g salami stick.


Spicy, smoky pork pepperoni spiced with paprika, black pepper, cayenne pepper and anise. Available as a 75g salami stick for slicing.


Our take on a Spanish Fuet. A smaller diameter dried pork salami which is firm to the touch yet yeilding to the bite. The flavours start with sweet pork and soft fat textures, a touch of garlic, a slight tang finishing with a rounded warmth of white pepper. Sold in a 75g stick size for slicing at the table.

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