Heritage Apples from Brogdale 500G 50% off


We are delighted to be able to offer this heritage apples varieties from Brogdale.

Brogdale Collections is a charity working to provide access and education about the National Fruit Collection to the public. It was established as a charity to work with the curator chosen by DEFRA. Brogdale Collections has managed visitor access to the NFC in partnership with the University of Reading, since the start of their curation in 2008. The Charity offers a range of opportunities for the public to use the collections as an educational resource including Daily Guided Tours (April – November), Fruit Days, Festivals and Key Stage 1 & 2 Education Days.

More info on our work with Brogdale

We will be adding many different varieties over the the Autumn that will not be in your fruit boxes. Click the variety you would like but be quick - there won't be many available!


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