Cheesemakers Canterbury

Ellie's Goat Cheese - Shaggy's Beard


This cheese is hand-made by us in small batches once a week.

It's a fresh, semi-soft, pasteurised cheese made with vegetable rennet to make it suitable for vegetarians.
It's a superb addition to your cheeseboard and is also fantastic for cooking, or crumbling into salads.

This is our Camembert-style ripened cheese. Creamy and mild when young it ripens to a more mature flavour with age. It is pasteurised, and suitable for vegetarians. It can be enjoyed as it is, or baked, or deep fried to produce a delicious melting cheese.

It was named after our dear Shaggy who was the first kid born in our herd and for several years was 'head boy' and chief stud male.

From Ellie's Dairy. approx 130g

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