Chilli Flavoured Biltong 50g

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Produced by Northdowns Real Food Company.

'Like a little bit of a chilli kick? Then this take on our traditional South African biltong might be right up your street. The delicious flavour of slow dried beef with a touch of mouth-watering habanero heat.'

'Our homemade chilli biltong is a spicy take on our delicious traditional South African meat snack.

First, we take our beautiful cuts of locally sourced Silverside beef. Then, we add a touch of seasoning, coriander, vinegar, sugar and a sprinkling of crushed Kentish habanero chilli pepper. We then let the meat marinade in the tasty mixture for around 12 hours, before drying in our South African drying cabinet for up to four days. Then we take it out, slice and dice it, package it up and send it over for you lucky folks to enjoy.'