Roughway Farm

Apple & Cinnamon Juice 1L


For over 50 years our family farm has grown and celebrated the great British apple. Each bottle show’s the contours of the land that produced the apples for our juice.

As the nights draw in and the leaves golden, take the time to toast the harvest with our scrumptious Cinnamon Apple Juice. Our juice should be enjoyed with friends and family, for today we celebrate a harvest won and the years still to come.

This juice is a perfect gift and a fine option to bring to parties, particularly for those who want an alternative to wine, beer and spirits.

Tasting Note – Kentish Cinnamon Apple Juice

This warming juice is perfect for seasonal occasions such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. It has a delightful Cinnamon taste that works well with the Braeburn Apples to created a thoroughly enjoyable drink.

Serving Instructions

The juice should be chilled and served in a wine glass. The juice is also incredibly good with ice but can also be warmed up to create a warmer juice.

From Roughway Farm Tonbridge.

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