Thanks for having a look at our website. As you are aware we are taking over the veg box deliveries you currently get from Nethergong from 1st April. 

We have been offering our scheme for over 13 years now, and currently make hundreds of deliveries each week.

As with Nethergong, all of our veg comes from smaller local farmers and producers based in Kent. We use Kent producers for our apples, pears, soft fruit, milk eggs and so on. We only get citrus and bananas from outside the county. Our main supplier, Dickie Ovenden, is used by Nethergong too and as you can see Dickie still gets his hands dirty!

As we are such a close match we do not think you will find any difference to your service other than we plan to deliver ALL boxes on a Thursday. Our ethos is exactly the same as Nethergong, which is why we were the obvious choice for Lewis when he decided he could no longer carry on. 

Please have a look around our website, and social media pages to get a feel for us and if you have any questions or concerns please email steve@kentvegbox.co.uk

We look forward to supplying all your veg needs going forward!


Steve & Becca