This Month's KVB Beer Club


August 2021 - Iron Pier Brewery 


This month’s beer box comes to you from our friends at Iron Pier Brewery. The name hails from it’s location in Gravesend. Once a thriving hotbed of breweries and innovation, Iron Pier have brought the first commercial brewery to the area in 80 years.

As they say themselves, ‘To show respect and love for our area, building on our cast iron pillars of creativity, care and consistency, to engineer great beer. Whether it’s a traditional bitter or a barrel-aged, mixed fermentation Saison, we aim to ensure that what ends up in your glass is an uncompromising embodiment of our vision – top quality ingredients transformed with loving care into full-flavoured beer.’


Taster Pack

Session IPA – 4.2%

Packed full of Citra, Denali, Columbus and Amarillo hops. Well balanced to optimise hop aroma and flavour with a beautifully clean finish

BRIPA – 6.1%


Collab with Elusive Brewing a Black Rye IPA brewed with some of the classic 'C' hops and a touch of Mosaic for additional aroma. Subtle roast character, zesty hops and a firm bitterness

Oak Aged Lager/Saison Blend – 5.1%

Crisp and refreshing larger aged for 9 months in oak barrels, blended with oak aged saison. Subtle fresh bread dough flavours, subtle acidity and a dry finish with hints of vanilla and oak.

Session Pack

Contains all beers in Taster Pack, plus the below

Ernest Sour – 3.6%

A pale ale with apricot and melon fruit notes, a soft acidity which reinforces the fruitiness of the Ernest Hops. Light and easy drinking. 

Keller Queen – 4.4%

Germanic style lager beer. Soft hop character and a balanced bitterness for maximum drinkability.

Rosherville Red – 4.8%

Hop-forward Red with Citra and Mosaic, resulting in big fruit character. A touch of Rye malt leaves it well balanced and deeply scrumptious.