Good news!

We are in the process of updating our website so that you can manage your recurring orders online. 

Please note that your first order will be the order we deliver in week 1 and subsequent deliveries will be as per your subscription.


If, after your initial order, you change the subscription details this will not take change your initial delivery.

If you want to add other products to your initial order please order them by 'adding to basket'. We will collate all initial orders with the same email.

The dates shown on the subscription pages are the SUNDAY your card is charge in ADVANCE.

You can now fully manage your recurring orders online:

  • Book Holidays
  • Change Quantities/Type
  • Add/Remove Products
  • Change Card Details
  • Change Frequency of Delivery
  • See your transaction history

Cancelling your order will still need an email to us on

To access your account login to the website. Click the yellow 'Manage Your Box' button. 

This will take you through to the account management page.

If you are not currently set up on the new system, you will see a message rather than your current order. Please follow on-screen instructions to activate new your new account.  We will come back to you in a few days once we have set you up.



On this page you will see your recurring orders. You can have more than 1 subscription to cover different schedules, i.e. a weekly and fortnightly subscription.

If you click on ‘View Details’ you can see the details you can change. In the top box you can see how to change, if possible, the frequency of your subscription.

The following options are available:

Address and Delivery Information
As it says, amend your addresses here. 

Please note if you have different delivery addresses for different subscriptions this will be missed, sorry, and we will deliver to the first subscription delivery address.

If you would like to buy a box for delivery to another person please set up with a different email address.

We plan to amend this when we have fully migrated you all on to the new system but is it a level of complication too far at the moment!

Payment Information

Amend your card details note you will have to do this for each subscription you have.

All payment runs are on Sunday, so you have until Saturday 12am to adjust your subscription for the following week. If you NEED to make a change after your payment has gone though please email the address above.

If your payment fails, your order will still go through and we will make 3 further attempts to collect. At that point, your deliveries will be paused. You will receive email notification of each failed attempt. We still pay a fee for each fail so if you could avoid, we would be grateful.

Your Box Details

Change quantity, size and remove products.

If you change the quantity here it is a permanent change to your future deliveries. See the next section below for one-time only changes

Manage Upcoming Boxes

Book holidays (skip order) and change quantities. If you change the quantity here it will only affect the delivery you are amending and is a one-time change.

Note if you skip an order you will need to do this for each subscription you have.

Discount Codes

Not used currently. 

Transaction History

See your order history, click on order number for more details.



To add a product to your recurring order, find the product in one of the product pages.

Please note some products cannot be ordered on a recurring basis just yet - we are working on ensuring all products are available for recurring orders.

Once you have selected frequency of order, click ‘add to my box’ and it will be added to your current box. If you have multiple boxes, you will be asked which one you would like to add it too. 

If you click ‘add to basket’ you will be asked to pay and the system will create a new subscription. This means you'll have to enter your payment details in again, rather than clicking the 'Add to Box' where the system already has your card details securely stored. 

Veg and Fruit boxes are only available for subscription, we do not offer one-time purchases for those. This is because these are our core products and your commitment is what sustains our business and allows us to commit to our local suppliers around Kent. 



If you wish to cancel one or all or subscriptions please email