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So why buy our veg boxes? Well, all of our veg comes from small Kent farms, which has the following benefits:



Our veg is extremely fresh when you get it; the veg is harvested Tuesday and delivered to you door on Wednesday!

We go direct to the farm and do not use wholesalers who will sell you stock that is a week old...

Our veg is not organic, but all of our farms use very little, if any, chemicals. You might find the odd weed mixed in the spinach or the odd traveller in the chard. This just shows that the farms are not sterile chemical wastelands. Infact chemicals can be used in organic food production - See this article, who knew..?

As the produce is so fresh it is not 'dead'. Some customers, for example, have put their lettuce in to a jamjar of water and it's sprouted roots. That is our definition of fresh. 


Value for Money

Our veg boxes are some 25-40% cheaper than the big organic veg boxes, and remember all of our veg comes from Kent, not France or Spain or Holland. Shorter distances and lower overheads means we can be extremely competitive, but with no compromise on quality.

The quantity of veg on the box can sometimes be a surprise. We just don't do 3 leaves of kale; you'll get a whole head. We encourage our customers to think about batch cooking the veg and freezing it. This gives you a much better shelf life and is much more cost effective. 

As we speak directly to the farmers every week, we can also get good deals on cropping produce. We can use it up so they get a good price for the crop rather than ploughing it in.

Interestingly, we pay something like 3 times the price a supermarket pays for produce; but our price to you is still competitive. How? Well we do not have big overheads and big profits (boo...) We make enough, you win on price and the farmer wins on their price. This is definitley a win-win-win situation. 



The veg in our boxes tastes fantastic, it really does. This is because we only use smaller producers, growing for taste rather than how it looks on the shelf. Grown in soil, not in bags, makes a big difference we think as well.

The biggest factor though is the short supply chain. 2 days from field to your fridge means that our veg tastes just like you have picked it from your garden.


Special Offer for Local Mums Online

As you are a member of the Local Mums Online Network, we have lined up a special offer for you. Hopefully, in reading the above we have tweaked your interest in our wonderful fresh, local produce.

To get you started we are offering a massive 75% off your first fruit and/or veg box. All you need to do is ORDER A BOX and use the code LMO75 during check out. You do not need to be in for delivery, and we'll let you know about delivery once you've ordered.

NOTE: We will contact you via email after your first delivery to see how/if you wish to continue before any further charges are made.