FAQ's and Other Stuff

How does this work then?

It's very simple. just like a magazine subscription. When you subscribe to our scheme you order the size of box etc that suits you. We collate all this and talk to the various farms about what crops are available. 

We then decide what is going into the box that week and order the veg in bulk from the farms. We pick it all up on Tuesday, and pack it over night into your boxes. These are then delivered on Weds or Thurs or Fri depending on where you live. We publish on this site on Tuesday what is in each box. You can specify dislikes and we will sub in a different veg.

We will charge your card weekly for the deliveries that week. If you are on holiday or make any other changes we refund your card.


Where does your veg etc come from?

All of our veg comes from suppliers in Kent. We use small market gardeners and producers; just the sort of people you will see at a Farmer's Market. ome of our suppliers are organic, but the main suppliers are not. Having said that, our producers do not use expensive chemicals on their crops in the main, and we have to be honest and say that you may well find the odd little traveller in your veg or signs of something having the odd bite. This just proves the veg is not grown in chemically sterilised land.

Our fruit comes form Kent when we can, but comes form organic supplier if not. As you know fruit does not grow all year in Kent - oh for orange groves - so we have to supplement it with citrus fruit etc during the months of absence.

Our meat all comes form Kent and is free range. It is all butchered on site and the farms use a small local abbatoir. The beef is hung for 3 weeks before butchering so it is a tender as it comes. The animals are outdoor as much as possible. The farms do not use spectrum anti-biotics at all.

The fish comes from Dungeness and comes direct of of small boats operating from Hastings/Dungeness/Rye and is delivered fresh, no frozen.

Where and when do you deliver?

Our delivery areas covers most of Kent, London and NE SurreyCLICK HERE for our territory maps. If you are not sure if we cover you please drop us an email with your post code and we can soon tell you.

Delivery takes place to your door on  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  

We'll leave the box in a shady spot if you are not in, and cover it if it rains. 


How does payment work; how do I take holidays/make changes; is there a contract?

 You can start by ORDERING ONLINE via our e-store. . If you stay with us we charge your credit/debit card weekly for the deliveries that week

If you want to take a holiday etc you just drop us an email by NOON each Monday and we'll book you off. Like wise just drop us an email if you want to change your order at anytime. 

There is no contract. If you wish to leave or change your order you just drop us and email and we'll stop/change your costs straight away.


Sorry I just don't like Beet?

No problem. You can specify up to 4 dislikes and we'll substitute other veg in if they are in your box.You can tell us your dislikes in the comment box when you checkout of the ordering site, or email us at any point if something turns up you don't take a fancy to. You really should like beet though, shame on you.....

We would recommend trying all the veg though first. The taste difference of our produce to the veg supplied in the supermarkets is really unbelievable. Many of our customers have been converted back onto sprouts and cabbage having sworn they would die if they ate it again.... go on we dare you!


Do you deliver bread, milk, eggs etc?

We thought you'd never ask! We offer milk, eggs and bread as extras in our boxes. You can order via the store above.

They are all from Kent farms/producers.

The eggs and milk are free range of course. The bread is organic.