Oink and Udder

High Welfare Rare Breed Pork from Oink and Udder


The best part of this job is meeting producers driven by a similar ethos and passion to us at Kent Veg Box. From the moment we met Chloe and David Wilcock at Oink and Udder we knew we had to stock their rare breed, high welfare pork.  

In the same way we want to trace our veg back to the very field it's grown, Chloe and David want to reconnect customers to their meat and where it comes from. They raise their animals with as little intervention as possible because it's the right way and best for their pigs, not the profitable way and as a result you get some of the most wonderful tasting pork you could ever imagine. 

The Large Black Pig 

As a native breed, the Wilcock's researched which pigs would be best suited to their farm and ecosystem. The Large Black Pig is England's only fully black pig, and are docile and hardy by nature. Perfectly suited to minimal outdoor systems, this allows them to be raised in the most hands off ways possible, that autonomy allowing the pigs to live their lives free from constriction. 

 The breed is well known to be able to convert even poor quality forage into high quality meat once again allowing the hands off farming approach as they are not picky eater! They move regularly on pasture during the spring and summer before being allowed to forage and root around woodland during the autumn and winter.

The fact they’re outside the entire time is perfect for pork as it allows a thick layer of fat which is perfect for crackling or bacon. Trust us, you won't have had crackling like it!

30 Food Miles

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