Veg Boxes

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All of our veg comes from Kent farms and is picked and packed for you just before delivery. Our main farms are based near Sandwich and Maidstone.

The box contents vary every week - see our page above for this week's contents. The different size boxes generally contain:

Small - 6-7 veg, for 2 people.

Medium - 6-8 veg, for 3-4 people

Large - 7-9 veg, for 4+ people

Mix - 1-2 fruit 4-5 veg, for 2 people (1 fruit if more expensive soft fruit)

Our veg is extremely seasonal - no imports from us! You can specify up to 4 dislikes and we will substitute in other veg, please complete the box on checkout.

 Note: Our veg comes to you as it comes from the farm - i.e. not washed...

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