Boxes & Extras

Thanks for checking us out! If you are looking to lose weight, or eat more healthily then this is the best place to come! We are just starting to crop the Autumn & Winter veg as well as the wonderful apples & pears Kent is famous for. And you don't have to lug it home, or stand there for ages deciding what to buy!

You will also get weekly emails with tips, advice and ideas on how to use your veg and other foods, and ways to get the best from your box. That's all free!

This is a subscription scheme but we will contact you after your first delivery by email to see how/if you want to continue (we are sure you will!). Even then there is no contract and you can leave/change at any point. We are not trying to pull a fast one like A-mazon wink wink. 

Please note any discounts are for new customers, or returning customers have been off the scheme for more than 12 weeks. All of the offers are for your first delivery only. Only 1 veg box and/or 1 fruit box per order please You must order at least one fruit/veg box to get a delivery. Only one discounted order per household.

All of our produce comes direct from the farm/producers in Kent other than some of the fruit. If they grew bananas in Kent we'd change....

Check out our FAQ and Why Us? for loads more info.

Thanks - Steve & Becca