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 KENT VEG BOX BEER CLUB - May 22 Iron Pier Brewery


Our first returning brewery since starting this monthly beer box well over a year ago. Iron Pier Brewery was one of the most popular breweries featured in the early days, so we thought it would be the perfect place to revisit.

The name hails from its location in Gravesend. Once a thriving hotbed of breweries and innovation, Iron Pier have brought the first commercial brewery to the area in 80 years.

As they say themselves, ‘To show respect and love for our area, building on our cast iron pillars of creativity, care and consistency, to engineer great beer. Whether it’s a traditional bitter or a barrel-aged, mixed fermentation Saison, we aim to ensure that what ends up in your glass is an uncompromising embodiment of our vision – top quality ingredients transformed with loving care into full-flavoured beer.’

Taster Box

Hopfenweisse – 5.4%

Style: German Wheat Beer // 440ml

A German style wheat beer with added dry hop aroma from US Sultana and New Zealand Rakau Hops. Aromas of banana and clove from the yeast mix with some stone fruit and apricot from the hops. Suitable for vegans.

Session IPA – 4.2%

Style: Session IPA // 440ml
Crisp and hoppy session IPA , citrus aromas and light bitterness make this a perfect accompaniment for pizza and BBQs, or just drink it on its own. Suitable for vegans.

Keller Queen – 4.4%

Style:  Lager // 440ml
German style lager beer with a soft hoppy character and balanced bitterness. Suitable for vegans.


Session Box

(contains all the beers in the taster box, plus below)


Rosherville Red – 4.8%

Style: Red Rye Ale // 440ml
Hoppy red rye ale, brewed with US hops to give a fruity character which contrasts nicely with the rich and spicy rye malts. Suitable for vegans.


From the Wave – 6.4%

Style:  West Coast IPA // 330ml

West coast IPA. Big juicy, fruity, tropical, piney hop character with resinous citrusy aroma. It's hops, hops, hops but the malt has a say too. Suitable for Vegans

Harvest Saison 2020 – 6%

Style: Saison // 330ml
A Saison matured on Cider Lees from Dudda's Tun for 12 months and then transferred to oak barrels for further ageing and development. The result is a delicate and complex flavour profile of apple, pepper, red wine and oak with a mouth-watering tartness and a distinct Saison yeast character.


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