Emmer Casarecce Wholegrain, White 400g


Pastificio Carleschi make the best pasta we've eaten, using the stone-ground flour of carefully selected British-grown organic grains. The bronze die pasta is produced and dried at low temperatures to maintain the flavour and nutrition.

These wholegrain casarecce carry the subtle hazelnut, toasted walnut, leather and dark chocolate flavours of emmergrain.

Twisted casarecce pasta were originally made in Sicily, the name deriving from casareccio, meaning home-made.

Domesticated emmer (Triticum turgidum subsp. dicoccum) is known as farro in Italy, and shippon in Ancient Israel. It was domesticated in the Southern Fertile Crescent and cultivated in ancient times throughout the Middle East and Old Europe. It was the only wheat used in ancient Egypt and was used to make the first matzah. Emmer is higher in crude protein than bread wheat but has low dough extensibility, hence it doesn't stretch and rise like bread wheat but makes excellent pasta.

Packed in a plastic-free bag.

Supplied by Hodmedods. All GB grown

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