Searching Through Cubbyholes - The First Sign Of Autumn

The true measure that Summer passing by is when you find yourself digging around the back of the many cubbyholes around the house. One day, when leaving the house without a jacket you feel a slight bite in the wind, or your shoes slip a little on ground softer than it was the week before.

 Autumn is here.

Upon return, a retreat into the long forgotten recesses of cupboards to retrieve raincoats, or sturdier walking boots.

The same happens in the kitchen. The darkness begins a little earlier, the evenings a little chillier. A simple salad isn’t scratching the same itch it did in sunnier times. Appetites have grown.

 So, like the jacket or the walking boots, you must reach deep into the recesses and retrieve the casserole dishes, the deep pots and the slow cookers. More time must be spent on dinner, a vehicle to sustain and bring comfort as the cold draws in.  

Our produce reflects this need, as seasonality has a funny way of delivering exact what you need. These boxes throughout the Autumn and Winter will take on a robust feel. Unlike the lettuce and tomatoes of Summer which just need slicing and serving. Autumnal veg needs to roast, boil or burble for a little while.

So how can we provide the best antidote to the cold? A few little additions to your weekly veg box may be the answer:

Our new Sourdough bread is the perfect foundation on which to pile your stewing or roasted vegetables.

Thicky sliced, dosed in our wonderful cowslip butter and piled high with fried brussels and bacon? Heaven.

That’s not forgetting a hefty hunk dipped into whatever soup you have made. Or piled high with our free range eggs to give you some energy to go out into the wind and rain.

Click here for sourdough and here for butter.

The increase need for bulk in meals due to the weather is also the perfect time to stock up on potatoes. Cost effective, and add the much needed starch to warm even the coldest of cockles on long winter nights.

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Another winter warmer that’s proving popular is Moon Green’s Fiery Nduja. Spread on some of that sourdough for a quick pick me up or stir into bubbling pasta sauces to provide a rich and fiery hit.

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