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It’s been a quick turnaround here at Kent Veg Box for our new dairy supplier. Any of you that have received their subscription this week can already attest to the quality, which we were blown away by when we first tried the produce. We thought we would also share why we are so excited, beyond just the wonderful milk, to bring the farm on board.
From Left to right: Will & Eleaner, John & Yvonne Gormley, Beatrice Katherine, Will & Alice Hamilton Jon, Florence & Gemma Gormley - Fergus the dog!

 The farm began 11 years ago, when two farms and families came together to form Plurenden Milk. This coalition was formed to ensure that they could work together on a farm that is financially and environmentally stable.

 Everyone in the families get stuck into the running of the farm every day whether it’s milking, feeding the cows and youngstock, growing and harvesting the forage (so the cows can eat homegrown food year-round!), mucking out, processing the milk, cream and even churning butter. With so much to do it’s not surprising the full families young and old are roped in to help!

The cows are looked after well at the farm. As standard practice calves are separated from their mothers’ hours after birth but at Plurenden this is looked at differently. Mothers can stay with their calves for the first few weeks. They stay separate from the herd to raise their young in this early period. This leads to contented cows and ultimately better milk!

 They are also looking at all their operations from an environmental and sustainability standpoint. They grow all the food that the cattle eat during the year. They grow grass and maize during the summer to feed the cattle over the winter when it’s not always possible for them to graze. The manure is returned to the soil every year to maintain fertility and continual healthy crop yields; also allowing the farm to not have to use artificial fertilizers. They also allow the woodland, all 100 acres of it, to maintain itself by leaving it to the wildlife that lives there. Recently they’ve become members of Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) and using their Integrated Farm Management (IFM) points structure they are reviewing and looking to improve wildlife, biodiversity, and soil health across Plurenden Manor Farm.

Joining with Plurenden Manor Farm ensures we can provide you with the freshest milk, as the cows are milked twice daily. Your milk will be delivered the next day, sometimes less than 12 hours from harvest!

 They also have a range of yoghurts (the Greek style yoghurt a personal favourite at KVB HQ!), creams and butters to add to your subscription or as a ‘one-off’ at any time.

Click here to add now!

 We also will be looking to take advantage of the full range from the farm in due course (Becca is excited at the prospect of Chocolate milk being a stones throw from the office...) so keep an eye out on your extras email for any new additions!

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  • Aren’t they the best! We have some Creme Fraiche coming soon too…..

    Steve @ KVB on
  • We just had some of their Greek style yoghurt and the extra thick double cream. They are unreal, super creamy, will definitely be a regular treat from now on!

    Talia on

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