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Article: May Your May be Warmer


May Your May be Warmer

Kent Produce Update - May 23

May, the last month of Spring, should be perhaps getting warmer as a herald for the Summer months soon to follow. Whilst the days have undoubtedly got warmer and sunnier there is still a chill in the air. Definitely the coldest start to the year we have seen in nearly 20 years of Veg Boxing.

 The cold air shortened the Wild Garlic season by several weeks, blink and you would have missed them and has delayed some of the Spring crops by a week or so.

 So let’s get positive. What’s occurring now?

Traditional May crops are now in full flow. Asparagus, Spring Onions, Lettuce and Salad Leaves are all available now as we enter the Salad Season. Full veg like Beetroot and courgettes are still a few weeks away so our boxes are now brimming with salads. Also greenhouse crops that have been produced during the Winter are now on Summer pricing, dropping their price by up to 50%.

The first Soft Fruits are also cropping. Strawberries and Raspberries lead the charge. The first flush of these tend to be expensive and supply can be intermittent but as I write in mid-May it has become consistent. The taste though….after not having any Soft Fruit since October last year that first Strawberry was heaven and reminded me why Kent Produce is the best. Absence makes….

Looking forward for the rest of the month we should see some Broad Beans soon as well as some Beetroot and Khol Rabi. Chard is coming on strong so will crop very soon and we may be lucky and get some early indoor courgettes. Oh, yes, an absolute tonne of salads!

Asparagus is traditionally around until 21/6. My favourite way to eat them is to steam them then drown in Anchovy Butter…. More of our ideas here :


Steve Oram

Kent Veg Box

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