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Article: Brewery of the Month - May 23 - Moot Brew Co


Brewery of the Month - May 23 - Moot Brew Co

Moot Brew Co

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Moot Brew Co is a fresh independent micro brewery in the heart of Kent. We love showcasing English hops and pairing them with hops from around the world. Badass bitters to primo pales; we’ve got you covered. Top notch, hop forward beers. 

Although Moot brewery was only conceived in 2021, the dream of owning our own brewery has been alive since the late 2000’s.

A bunch of our rag tag crew cut their teeth working together in fine dining restaurants before turning to beer, this is partly why our team is so well suited to brewing beer. Having a deep understanding of complex flavour profiles drives us to explore new types of beers and techniques. 

Some of us have known each other for 30 years, some not so long, but we all developed a kinship through the mutual love of beer, Lord of the Rings and anchovies. (I'll admit Danielle is guilted into the situation through marriage). 



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