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Article: Brewery of the Month - June 23 - No Frills Joe Brewing Co


Brewery of the Month - June 23 - No Frills Joe Brewing Co

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No Frills Joe Brewing Company is a modern craft brewery founded in 2016 by Jack Wolfart, who had a passion for home brewing and a dream. His operation progressed from kitchen stove, through 300L nano brewery to what is now a 5BBL operation and he doesn’t intend to stop there. ‘We are proud to say that brewery is a privately owned, family run business and we intend to keep it this way’.
They offer variety of beer styles from a lager to hazy IPA’s through hoppy pale ales and seasonally brewed special as well as one off—‘we brew what we like to drink and drink what we brew, happily’. Their love for American hops is apparent but there are few gems in their core range brewed with English varieties like Ernest, Jester and others. Recently added to their repertoire is a popular Quantum Mechanics Series which is all about the hazy, soft, and juicy NEIPA’s but they don’t last long so snap them quickly if you see one!
We really hope that you will enjoy what this brewery has to offer and please do them a favour by spreading the word on social media. Thrilling beer. Simple life. No frills. 

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