An Investment in Local Farms - Driven By You

Our growth in the last couple of years has been something we have spoken about briefly. The most pleasing thing with growth is that it gives us the chance to push projects we believe in. The backbone of this business is supporting local growers and we try to make sure we make all decisions with growers in mind.
In recent weeks, we have had extensive conversations with farmers as they begin to plan their planting schedule for seasons to come. The growth has allowed us to go to farms like David Catt & Sons and Wye Orchard and fully guarantee that we will be buying whatever they plant for us. By underwriting their planting, parsnips and carrots from Wye Orchard and leeks from Catt’s, it has given the farms confidence to convert land into production and grow their operation.
The money we get from you is being invested in farms, and the dividend you receive back is the Veg you receive every week. Farming is very much based on luck, with many farms planting produce without being entirely sure whether they’ll make any money on what they’ve planted.
By doing this, as a company we hope to provide some stability and give the farms the confidence to keep investing in their businesses. Nothing, of course, is certain as we can’t protect against the elements or disease ruining crops but what we can do is agree to buy produce before it’s even planted and pay a fair price.
Everybody wins with this, we can have clearer idea for produce coming in for your boxes and allows a greater level of planning. The promise of sales with also lead to better produce as farms that have confidence in sales will be able to invest in better equipment and land management. You, the consumer, will receive better and more consistently excellent produce. The cycle will then start again, the more we grow as a company, the more we invest in farms, the more we invest, the better the produce and so on.
Look out for the leeks, parsnips and carrots in the next few months, you helped grow them!
Some of last season's carrots, hopefully with you help this season's are just as wonderful!

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