A New Compostable Future!


At the end of August we penned a blog about our packaging conundrum. We wanted to lessen our impact as much as possible, and whilst compostable packaging was clearly the best position to take environmentally, at over 7x the cost of our biodegradable packaging, at the time it was not financially viable.
We made a pact then to continually monitor the situation and in recent months, due to an increasing demand for compostable packaging, the prices have decreased and new products available that make that switch possible.
Our new compostable bags are here! They made from sugar cane, potato starch and other renewable resources that are then converted into the bags you’re receiving in your fruit and vegetable boxes.
They conform to the full ‘compostable’ criteria, and as such will not negatively impact on the quality of compost produced. Over the 12 weeks (timescales will vary as home composting environments are impossible to predict so they more than likely will take a little longer than 12 weeks) the bag will disintegrate fully into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.
As well as in your compost at home, they can be used as your food waste collection bag. They are designed to break down in industrial compositing conditions within 12 weeks, so can be thrown out with their food content once full.

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